Welcome Kit

Settle in your new city. Road is with you every step of the way.
Live your experience the best way you can.

Road Backpack

Everything you need in one place. An ultra-functional backpack, developed with materials that tolerate moisture and liquid passage to protect the interior. Made for protection against shocks. Water resistant and padded shoulder pads

Road Water Bottle

Hydrate for adventure! The Road Bottle has a capacity of 700 millilitres, with a comfortable transport bulce

Road Set “Mate”

Don’t miss out on “the matt”… Stainless steel flask 1 Litre capacity + wooden matt


Move around the city and keep in touch at all times.

SUBE Card + 

Use all the public transportation and move free around the city 

Box of Ideas

You ran out of ideas? I don’t think so, but… we’ll give you a hand with a 30 days of things to do in Buenos Aires.


Road Backpack, Road Water Bottle, Road Set “Mate”, SIM +, SUBE Card + & Box of Ideas. 

Start my road to Argentina

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