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Join Our

Spanish Class Program


What makes our Road2Argentina Spanish class program unique is its emphasis on full language and cultural immersion, as well as community. Not only do we organize your academic Spanish training through classes, but we also create a comprehensive program for you which includes, among other components: gaining additional Spanish practice and cultural immersion by living with an Argentine host, weekly activities designed to build a sense of community with our other program participants and show you different sides of Buenos Aires, and our 24/7 support from pre-arrival through your stay to take away the headaches that can come with traveling and ensure that you enjoy and make the most of your stay in Argentina!



Ready to take the first step toward your Spanish class experience in Buenos Aires? Follow the link above or at the bottom of the page to contact our team.


Skype with one of our program coordinators to discuss program details, housing, pricing, and any questions you may have before committing to becoming a Roadie.


Pay a $100 registration fee and provide us with class choices and program parameters to reserve your spot and get us to work on setting up your program.


Using participant information forms and a housing questionnaire, we’ll confirm your classes and finalize the setup of your overall Buenos Aires experience!


Expanish Language School

Centro Universitario de Idiomas


Spanish Classes
Cell Phone or Local SIM Card
Airport Pick-up
Welcome Orientation
R2A Backpack with Maps, Guides, and Free Passes
Public Transportation (SUBE) Card
Weekly Group Activities
Monthly Group Dinners
Road2Argentina 24/7 Staff Support
Postal Mail Reception at the Office

Our Advantage

For starters, we are a local organization. This means not only that we are experts on all things Buenos Aires but also that we are able to offer customized programs at lower prices compared to larger, international organizations. Upon arrival, you’ll receive a personalized orientation with one of our experienced program coordinators who will tell you everything you need to know to get started here in Buenos Aires. You’ll then have a community to be a part of, as well as our 24/7 support for the duration of your stay here!

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