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At Road2Argentina we offer internships in more than 70 LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES in the Buenos Aires area. University students and recent graduates have the chance to gain high quality valuable professional experience in an international setting.

Volunteering in Argentina, placements by industry


• Assisting the Architectural Services and Project Development area regarding management issues and architectural projects.
• Evaluating and analyse real estate business projects.
• Develop renders and documentation for investment projects offered on their real estate micro-investment platform.
• Possibility of working on the construction site. Perform task controls, follow-up work planning (project management), etc.


• Analysis and projection of budgets.
• Collaborating with the administration team in preparing documentation/certificates for public bodies or business providers.
• Develop their own projects, always accompanied by the study professionals.

Education and Teaching

• Planning and execution of classrooms workshops with the project team, for example United Nations Model
• Collaboration in dissemination of projects.
• Armed flyers if required.
• Assistance to internal training.
• Interns develop specific activities and/or do research in specific projects or areas of the NGO


• Interns can help in the office with various tasks: communication, social media, website, fundraising, volunteer contact, research on related topics. Volunteers can also go to Quinta Esencia, their self-sustaining agricultural farming project in Mar Chiquita close to Mar del Plata


• Leading technology startups law firm is looking for a law student to assist partners and associates with research and drafting on different areas of law including contracts, corporate, Intellectual Property, tax, new European Data Protection Laws etc.

•Interns will have daily assignments at the firm and assist with special projects, research related topics, attend conferences, archive material, interact and work with clients, manage clients finances, perform translations and work with members of the business and law world. One of the first projects as an intern is analyze and compare legislative practices with other countries. This will allow for the intern to get practice in the field and with Spanish.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

• Create and write content for social networks.
• Management of the corporate blog of the company.
• Publication of pre-programmed content.
• Monetization of social networks.
• Management of social networks.

Public Health and Medicine

• The internship at IECS is very much research-oriented. Prior to the internship, interns should already have an idea of a research project they want to do during their internship, maybe a project for their university. IECS will then provide the necessary supervision and scientific support to run the research project successfully.


• Receive customers, answer and make phone calls, send emails and be responsible for the maintenance of the office (contracting services , purchase of spare parts for the materials used, make payments etc)

International Relations

• Build rich content/editorial calendars for their clients’ Social Media, Blog, Email, and other relevant channels.
• Create content, designs, and copywriting to post on all Social Media accounts, external blogs, and other relevant channels.
• Manage their clients’ social media profiles and presence.
• Develop and track email campaigns.
Support in the program of activities of the elderly, as well as in occupational therapy, rehabilitation and recreational activities.
• Organization of meetings and events
• Redaction of documents
• Creation of databases and filters.
• Search and collection of information on certain topics in other Latin American countries
• Search of possible projects to replicate in Argentina, related to the legislative theme.

Public Policy

• One of their six programs is called ​”​ciudades”, whose goal is to create more intelligent and resilient cities.​ This program works on different projects and interns usually focus on one project. One example of such a project is the collaborative cities project, which aims at promoting urban development models that incorporate the new information and communication technologies (ICTs). One big question within this area is how to create a Smart City — a city with capacity for innovation and use of technologies, to improve the quality of life of its residents. Another similar project is called “urban resilience”. This initiative seeks to ​find solutions to reduce the negative consequences of climate change in the metropolitan region of Buenos Aires, a very vulnerable zone to extreme weather events such as flooding.

Nonprofits and NGOs

• Help with administration tasks at the office or with social media, graphic design, fundraising, programming etc.

Looking for another industry?

We are constantly looking for new partners. Just tell us the industry you are interested in and we will try to make your dream internship in Argentina happen. Check out our blog for additional information on placement profiles and seasonal internships in Argentina.

Included services in the volunteering program

Internship Placement
Shared Apartment Accommodation with a local Host (Optional)
Airpot Pick-Up and Drop off
Welcome kit
Starter Package
Group Activities Weekly
Spanish Classes (Optional)
24/7 Local Support

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I did a three month internship in Buenos Aires through Road2Argentina and this was an experience I will never forget. I arranged it through Road2Argentina and the process went really smooth and easy. First we talked through Skype and we tried to find a suitable internship. I ended up at an amazing lovely marketing company operating in a beautiful part of Buenos Aires.

My internship in Buenos Aires was one of the best abroad trips I have ever taken. Allowed me to explore options that I can do once I graduate. Outside of my internship, my adventures were quite appealing. I cannot wait to come back to explore more of Buenos Aires and to enhance my Spanish speaking skills.

The experience is the perfect blend of learning, growing, and having fun. Road sets you up with an internship and company that they know pique your interest. They create activities that expose you to the Argentine culture in a fun way. The program allows students to feel more comfortable in a foreign country.

Connor - United States

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