My internship in Buenos Aires was one of the best abroad trips I have ever taken. Allowed me to explore options that I can do once I graduate. Outside of my internship, my adventures were quite appealing. I cannot wait to come back to explore more of Buenos Aires and to enhance my Spanish speaking skills.

“I truly loved the work I was doing and the work environment. I learned so much from the women in the office not only about the projects conducted within the organization but as well their personal lives. The office atmosphere was a mini community, a sisterhood of sorts that made me feel welcomed since the first day.”

Briana – United States

The experience is the perfect blend of learning, growing, and having fun. Road sets you up with an internship and company that they know pique your interest. They create activities that expose you to the Argentine culture in a fun way. The program allows students to feel more comfortable in a foreign country.

Connor – United States

Tango, football, food, street art, European style architecture, culture, museums, history… are amazing! I definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience a job abroad and enhance his resume while having fun and learning about all the amazing stuff this city has.

Ahmed Ibrahim – Canada

I worked for one of the many great companies that Road have links with, it was a great way to improve my language skills by working with locals every day. David and Mateo offer a great service in terms of both safety and suggesting things to do with your friends that you might not hear about from elsewhere.

Hamish – UK

My experience in Buenos Aires was amazing- I enjoyed the work I was doing at my internship and had plenty of time to explore the city and other places in South America. It was intimidating at first to be in a new culture and speak my non-native language; however, I would never grow as much as I did if it weren’t for this challenging experience.

Hannah – United States

I did a three month internship in Buenos Aires through Road2Argentina and this was an experience I will never forget. I arranged it through Road2Argentina and the process went really smooth and easy. First we talked through Skype and we tried to find a suitable internship. I ended up at an amazing lovely marketing company operating in a beautiful part of Buenos Aires.

My experience with Road2Argentina was great! My work placement was amazing, had a lot of great time with coworkers and learned a lot. Their weekly events gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of people and learn others cultures as well. Had a lot of fun enjoying Buenos Aires night life and traveling around Argentina.

Kate – South Korea

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