uenos Aires is the perfect location for gap year and college students, recent graduates and independent travelers looking for a place that suits their adventurous spirit and their budget. You get the feel of a European city, the opportunity to learn the second most widely spoken language in the world and access to the exciting cultural life that comes along with any major international destination, without the huge price tag. We here at Road2Argentina work hard to keep our prices within your reach so that you can experience all that Buenos Aires and Argentina have to offer. Between our dynamic programs, fun group activities and outings, weekend trips and recommendations on what to see and do from our friendly staff, it’s impossible not to have the time of your life.


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We’re your community in Buenos Aires!

When you book your trip to Buenos Aires with us, you will be sure to find all of the following and much more upon your arrival here in the “Paris of South America”. We look forward to meeting you personally and welcoming you into our international community of students and travelers.

Personalized Programs


International Community


Fun Cultural Outings


Helpful Coordinators


Argentine Lifestyle


Day and Weekend Trips




What is it like to be in Buenos Aires with us? Hear it from the experts themselves: our Roadies! Each week, our program coordinators sit down with our Roadie of the Week to get the scoop on life as a student, intern or volunteer here in BA. Click here to read the full stories on our blog.

John M. from Texas, United States
TEFL Certification Course, June ’13

Emma Leigha M. from Vancouver, Canada
Spanish and Homestay, July ’13

Lisanne H. from the Netherlands
Spanish and Homestay, July & August ’13


Molly C. from Wisconsin, United States
International Relations Intern,  June & July ’13

Grace G. from New York, United States
TEFL Certification Course, May ’13

Andrew J. from George Mason University, USA
Medical Intern, August & September ’13







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