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Read the experiences of our “Roadie” alumni below

Carolina, Public Health Internship, Summer 2018

“I absolutely enjoyed my time in Buenos Aires. R2A is a great program and was very helpful in answering all of my questions before I even arrived in Argentina. My internships at a local public hospital and with a public health NGO were amazing. The people I met inspired me and gave me great advice. I enjoyed exploring Buenos Aires and doing a lot of things for the first time. I definitely recommend going abroad and R2A because the coordinators are awesome. They are very helpful and organize fun events to help you explore Buenos Aires.” — Carolina

Benny, Entrepreneurship Internship, Summer 2018

“Road2Argentina was an awesome way to get an easy introduction to the Argentinian culture. It was so good to have Will and Simon as points of contact when faced with a completely new environment. They were incredibly helpful and responsive with any questions we might have. The housing situation was very comfortable and safe — I had two other roommates that Will and Simon did a great job matching up. Thanks for a great time! I’m glad I got to be a ‘Roadie!'” — Benny

John, Public Health Internship, Summer 2018

“My summer in Buenos Aires with Road2Argentina was one of the best experiences of my life. My Spanish went from conversational to near fluent in just 10 weeks, I traveled to countries and places I could only dream about, and I lived in a city full of cultures from around the world. The program can help set you up with an awesome host family or a more independent apartment. The coordinators are always available if you need help, and they are also very fun and will go out with the group, too.” — John

Areeb, Business Intership, Summer 2018

“If you are looking for a great study or internship abroad time in Latin America, Road2Argentina is the way to go. The program heads work really hard to make sure that you are placed in a comfortable home stay and an applicable internship. Additional, they have cohort events supplemented by a weekly get together over snacks and Argentinian tea. You always feel like you have someone to count on with this program. It is a great way to explore a beautiful country.” — Areeb

Zuzka, Immigration Law Intern, Summer 2018

“R2A provided me with the most affordable and flexible programming options available for my desired internship. They ensured that I was comfortable with my placement and helped me figure out my way around the city. I really enjoyed my internship at a human rights NGO. Through the program, I participated in activities including a drum show, empanada-cooking class, and asado (BBQ) dinner. I was paired with an excellent home stay with a friendly and caring host in a central location in BA that made an enormous impact on my positive experience.” — Zuzka

Benito, Business Consulting Internship, Spring 2018

“Road2Argentina is a small company, but is always ready to help, 24/7. They offer internships, housing, activities, and guidance before and during the program. They helped me with any doubts and made sure everything was ready on time. Will and Simon are always friendly and they make sure you enjoy your experience abroad. Experience something unforgettable. Definitely worth it!” — Benito

Camila, Architecture Intern, Spring 2018

“Mi experiencia en Buenos Aires y mi llegada aquí principalmente tengo que agradecerlo a Road2Argentina. Simon y Will siempre estuvieron a disposición de lo que necesitara, desde el inicio hasta el final. Disfruté algunas de muchas actividades que hicieron, y cada una fue una experiencia nueva que llevaré siempre en mis recuerdos. La orientación que se brindó siempre fue buena. Estoy muy feliz de haber disfrutado mi primera experiencia laboral de mi carrera en Buenos Aires y poder en ese proceso contar con R2A. Gracias siempre por todo!” — Camila

Mitch, Healthcare Internship, Spring 2018

“Road2Argentina is a small company, but is always ready to help, 24/7. They offer internships, housing, activities, and guidance before and during the program. They helped me with any doubts and made sure everything was ready on time. Will and Simon are always friendly and they make sure you enjoy your experience abroad. Experience something unforgettable. Definitely worth it!” — Mitch

Georgia, Startup Intern, Spring 2018

“Road makes you feel comfortable in a new, at times intimidating, environment. They perfectly balance a focus on building a community amongst the interns through frequent cultural events and excursions with simultaneously allowing you space to establish your own independence and unique experience. I wish I could adequately put into words how much this experience has meant to me with regards to gaining traveling experience, the growth of my Spanish-speaking abilities, and above all, my independence and confidence in myself.”  — Georgia

Miranda, Public Policy Internship, Spring 2018

“R2A made my experience in Buenos Aires amazing and incredibly easy. They found me a meaningful, legitimate internship at an NGO, where I was able to do hands-on work to directly help the organization’s mission. The coordinators helped me with every question I had both before and during my trip, showed me how to use public transportation, planned fun and engaging cultural activities each week, and really created a community feel for all participants. I would highly recommend R2A to anyone thinking about doing an internship in Argentina.”  — Miranda

Jenna, Hospital Internship, Spring 2018

“I interned for 6 weeks in a local public hospital in Buenos Aires. It was a great experience, rotating through pediatrics, obstetrics, and nutrition. It was great to see how a hospital in a different country functions and was a great way to improve my Spanish. The events with Road were very fun and a great way to experience different things in the city. The coordinators are great guys and very helpful with anything you might need!”  — Jenna

Joey & Nidhish, Public Health Internship, Fall 2017

“The program coordinators are fantastic. They’re a good mix of professional help in the internship environment and also just friendly and will take the time to help you feel more comfortable. Road helped me feel like Buenos Aires was my home and that’s how it has felt for weeks now. I really enjoyed the project I got to do in my internship and the friends I made through the program are great. Road has weekly events that are all unique ways to get to know various parts of the city and culture better and are very welcoming. Overall it has been an incredible experience and I highly recommend this program to anyone interested.”  — Nidhish

Lucy, Startup Internship, Fall 2017

“I would absolutely recommend Road2Argentina to a friend and, in fact, I already have to some. I love that Road is very personable, that from day one I was in contact with the people who were running the whole program or, for example, that the day after arriving I was invited to a dinner for the group of interns and volunteers hosted at the home of one of the directors. I always felt like there was someone I could check in with if I needed anything and the community aspect is so nice to be a part of when you’re in a new city.”  — Lucy

Ben, After-School Program Volunteering, Fall 2017

“The volunteer program with Road2Argentina is excellent. I had the opportunity to volunteer in two places, as both an English teacher and after-school tutor. The volunteer placements were great and allowed me to get to work right away and the program supported me at every step. The best part was to be immediately part of a community of Argentines, travelers, and the program directors. It was great to be in a new place but to feel comfortable in a group. I strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in coming to Argentina. I liked it so much I plan to live in Argentina after finishing my degree!” — Ben



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