Our Team

Who We Are

Simon Staedeli

Who We Are

Originally from Switzerland, Simon came to Argentina to study a Master’s degree in International Relations and has lived here since 2014. He “took the extracurricular activities to heart and now has an Argentine girlfriend and an outgoing three-year-old son who becomes, without fail, the center of attention at every Road2Argentina event.” Simon is a lover of travel, cooking, and all things football — just don’t bring up Switzerland’s World Cup performances with him!

Will Zupan

Who We Are

Originally from Rochester, New York, Will went to Santa Clara University, where he studied History with a concentration in Latin America. He came to Buenos Aires in 2014 originally to teach English, joined Road in 2015, and has been working with Simon running the program ever since.  Will is an avid sports fan and traveller and of all skills acquired from his time in Argentina is probably most proud of his “asado”-ing ability!

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