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“Buena Onda”: My Internship with a Music Production Startup in Argentina

Guest Blogger

This past summer, I had the privilege to work with some of the best Argentinians at Top Hat Producciones in Buenos Aires. Top Hat is a creative start-up that helps musicians turn their ideas into music: Top Hat does not only offer a recording studio with high-level equipment, but they also take pictures and prepare exclusive videos of the artists and assist them with various marketing and legal tasks. I conducted a lot of research on the music industry in Argentina, tree conservation, and consulting businesses, and I also helped translate their websites from English to Spanish. My supervisor trusted me to do my work but they also wanted to make sure that I was not bored in the office. I liked my internship program a lot and I could also improve my Spanish language skills.

What I really enjoyed most, though, was working with the men of Top Hat and I am grateful that I had such great coworkers. The office only has male employees, but from day one they made me feel comfortable as the only woman and before long I felt like I was one of the guys. I would like to think that I am one of the lucky ones that have landed such a unique internship with such fun and hard-working men. My internship was unique because my work day started at 10 am, the office dress code was casual and I was able to be my true self every day.

Roadie Dorothee

The main focus of my supervisors and coworkers was my well-being and making sure that I was enjoying my time in Buenos Aires. For instance, some days my co-workers would buy “medialunas“ which is a famous Argentinian type of croissant, just because they wanted to. We listened to music every day and they made sure to play some of my favorite songs most days.  I honestly miss spending around 30 hours a week with these men and learning about their beautiful country and culture. To their future intern, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and make the best of this unique and amazing opportunity.


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