7 Tips for a successful Internship in Argentina

An internship in Argentina not only improves your Spanish skills, provides you with invaluable international work experience and boosts your CV, but it can even become a life changing experience. [...]

10 Ways to Raise Funds for your Argentina Experience

The 5 Largest Cities in Argentina

Visit the largest cities in Argentina aside from Buenos Aires!

Why you should go abroad to Argentina instead of Spain

Hands down Argentina is the best place to spend your time abroad!

Peña Folklórica in Argentina

Fernet, Argentina’s favorite drink

"Have you tried Fernet yet? Did you like it?" These are questions every extranjero gets asked at least once during their stay in Buenos Aires.

Music Monday: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Formed in 1985, the Argentine band “Los Fabulosos Cadillacs” are one of the most influential Ska bands in the Latin World.

Argentine Provinces and the Main Attraction of Each One

With the great geographical variety, Argentina is able to offer something for all kinds of travelers. There are 23 Argentine provinces & each has it’s own flag.

The Ultimate Scene in Argentina

Activities in Buenos Aires: La Bomba de Tiempo

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