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4 Weekend Getaways Near Buenos Aires

Simon Staedeli

4 easy weekend getaways to relax, eat and sleep surrounded by nature and greenery. A perfect place for recharging during a long weekend near Buenos Aires. Travel with friends, your significant other or just by yourself, and enjoy a lovely time outside the city. All of these weekend getaways are in driving distance from the city, less than 120 miles away!

Luján (45 miles)

Basilica de Lujan

Home of the Lujan Basilica, it’s a pretty religious city. As a matter of fact there’s a peregrination every year, where people spend day and night walking towards the Basilica from all places in the City of Buenos Aires.

San Antonio de Areco (75 miles)

Horseback riding in San Antonio (taken from flicker.com)

Several Spas, ranches and it’s beautiful scenery, makes of San Antonio de Areco one of the perfect weekend getaways. Horseback riding and asados are part of the plan. It’s the real gaucho experience, with a scenic touch!

Chascomús (80 miles)

This is a great fishing and water sports destination due to it’s proximity to the Chascomus Lake. The city also offers a pristine historic center, as it was in the 19th century.

San Pedro (110 miles)

It’s a beautiful colonial city on the riverside of the Paraná River. Great for tranquility and relaxation. Definitely a serene weekend getaway!

With Road2Argentina programs, you can enjoy the wonderful activities that Buenos Aires has to offer as well as the relaxing weekend getaways! Take that trip now.


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