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Activities in Buenos Aires: La Bomba de Tiempo

Simon Staedeli

If you’re in the busiest Argentine city on a Monday and want to have fun at some activities in Buenos Aires but not looking for anytihng too crazy (and you’re not sure what events are on in the city), have no fear: there’s always a great activity going on.

Bomba de Tiempo is one of the most surprising activities in Buenos Aires

The Bomba de Tiempo is one of those activities in Buenos Aires that you might put far down on your list or even think that it isn’t for you. I had similar thoughts when I was told to go to the show involving a group in a ring playing the drums, but the whole atmosphere really is incredible. I’ve been now to see the group 6 or 7 times and it just doesn’t get old.

Musically gifted group

What I find most impressive about the 15+ member squad is their ability to flirt constantly with spontaneity while still being conducted in a precise manner. The group functions under the control of a “conductor”, one of its members who uses a complex series of hand gestures and signals to direct the musicians.

One of the most poular activities in Buenos Aires for tourists and locals: La Bomba de Tiempo

It’s quite a sight to see the musicians and conductor work together to create fantastic music. Even though they only use percussion instruments, La Bomba del Tiempo creates a huge range of tones that vividly colour their compositions.

I highly recommend checking out La Bomba del Tiempo at least one time while in Buenos Aires. They also have a different special guest each week like a DJ, saxophone player, or rapper and this yet adds another dynamic to their already potent percussion orchestra.

The show starts every Monday evening at around 8 (doors at 7) at the CC KONEX on Sarmiento 3131 (Sarmiento and Anchorena) and ends around 10 pm. Buses to take include the 24, 64,124, 180, and others listed on the Konex website. Subway Stop: B Line, Carlos Gardel. You’ll be glad you went. You can find more information on their website (in English!), so you have no excuse no to enjoy one of the most original activities in Buenos Aires.

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