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Roadie de la Semana: Uriel (NGO Internship)

Hola todos! It is an honor to present to you all Uriel, our first Roadie of the Week to give us his responses in Spanish! Where are you from: Nací en México pero vivo en McComb, Mississippi. How long will you be here in Bs As: En total voy a estar aquí por dos meses. What are you doing here in the city: Estoy haciendo una pasantía con una organización no-gubernamental de derechos humanos. read more

Roadie of the Week: Edward

Now presenting Edward: here in Buenos Aires all the way from Sydney, Australia! How long are you here in Bs As: I’ve been here for almost three months, and have just over a week left. I’m definitely going to miss this place. What do you do here: I’ve been volunteering with a local charity organisation. Each weekday, we travel into the poorer areas of Buenos Aires (known as “villas”) and provid… read more

Roadie of the Week: Amy

Hola, Roadies past, present and future! Today, we’re going to meet Amy, our first Roadie of the Week and a very special chica here at the Roadhouse. Amy: Roadie Extraordinaire! Amy has already been in Buenos Aires three months, working as an intern in the communications department of a local NGO. Having studied English with a concentration in film while a student at Boston University, she says… read more

San Telmo Jewels!

Most of you have probably already been to the San Telmo feria that takes place every Sunday on Calle Defensa. The first part of the Feria is filled with different stands that sell mostly crafts and souvenirs. You can zigzag between the tourists and buy homemade Dulce de Leche. My favourite part of the San Telmo Market it right at the end of the Defensa Street. Right before Plaza Dorego starts t… read more


Mendoza is the fourth largest city in Argentina and is well known for its wine making! Indeed, the region around Mendoza is the largest wine producing region in Latin America and accounting for 2/3 of the country’s production. The most popular wine from Mendoza is the Malbec. It was introduced by a Frenchman named Michel Pouget in the mid-19th century and is now present in the entire Mendoza… read more

Te quiero amigo !

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” The 20th of July is an important day in Argentina as it is the ‘Dia del Amigo’. It is a day when you celebrate your friends. You can take advantage of this day to spend some time sipping mate with your friends and remember how great they are! Join us today at 4:30 at the Road… read more

Tip for a rainy day !

  Buenos Aires is a startling city, never short of activities, so even in wet weather, there’s no reason to stay at home. With a good pair of shoes and an umbrella, get ready to brave out the rain! Have you ever been to the ‘Ateneo’ Bookstore? It is located on Santa Fe 1860 (about 20 minutes’ walk from R2A) and is definitely the most beautiful bookstore I have ever seen. It is housed… read more

Where to practice your tango

If you have taken your tango classes with road2Argentina, you might be looking for a place to practice. Yesterday night, a friend of mine brought me to a place to learn tango and have a drink. It is called ‘La Catedral’ and is located on Sarmiento 4006, in the barrio of Almagro (subte Medrano). The entrance costs 30Arg$ and is really worth it.   ‘La Catedral’ was once used to stock… read more

Would you like a Fortune cookie?

The Chinese district of Buenos Aires is located in the Neighborhood of Belgrano, at the intersection of Arribenos and Juramento, just behind the train station. You can reach it by taking the ‘subte’ until the Juramento Station, by train until Belgrano C Station or by taking one of the numerous city buses. The entrance of the ‘barrio Chino’ cannot be missed as you enter through a ston… read more

First steps in Buenos Aires

Hello, I’m Aurélie, the new marketing intern at Road2Argentina. This is my first time in Buenos Aires and I’m taking my time to discover this amazing city. It is very different to all other cities that I have visited.  Each ‘barrio’ has its unique culture and landscape and there’s always something to do. I have started my visit with the ‘barrio’ of Recoleta, where Road2Argentina… read more

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