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Wine Lovers Paradise- Argentina’s Wine Country

Wine Lovers Paradise- Argentina's Wine Country

Wine lovers Paradise- Argentina’s Wine Country Argentina- known for its delicious beef, geographic wonders, and castellano language, is also home to acres of beautifu… read more

FERIADOS Argentina: General Jose de San Martin (August 17)

FERIADOS Argentina: General Jose de San Martin (August 17)

As we know Argentina is the country with the most days off… Here is a description of our August vacation day! On the August 17th, Argentina recognizes the death of General Jose de San Martin. Jose de San Martin is commemorated for his liberation of Argentina from the Spanish. He is considered one of the “Padres de la Patria” (founding fathers) of the nation. Not only is he highly… read more

Stay in shape- Buenos Aires

Stay in shape- Buenos Aires

  YOGA: Yoga in English. Saturdays 1pm Belgrano. Virrey del Pino 2564 bis. 100 pesos per class or 300 for 4 classes. Contact info@kiryanyoga.com.ar Fútbol (for girls): Papi Futbol 5 / Female Soccer Intermediate/Advanced level. Every Friday 8pm in Palermo (Guemes and Gurruchaga) We are always looking for new players!  Contact hola@Road2Argentina.com B.A. Run: Law school (Recoleta). read more

Peña Folklórica in Argentina

Peña Folklórica in Argentina

Las Peñas Folklóricas en Argentina tienen su orígen en el norte del país. La palabra peña viene de los pueblos indígenas mapuches, quienes se referían a una “reunión entre hermanos”. Es un espacio para compartir, un lugar de reunión y alegría, donde siempre hay comida, bebida y mucha música. El espacio puede ser un local o mismo el patio de una casa que alguien desee abrir y… read more

Top 10 Reasons Buenos Aires Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Located at the tip of South America, Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world. It is the birth place of tango, home to the mate drinkers (and lovers), and has world recognized beef! Its capital is also one of the worlds most outstanding cities- Buenos Aires! Here are 10 reasons to travel to this wonderful city. 1. The Paris of South America: Big city livin. It is easy- the cosmopolitan… read more

TEFL Students Reach the Finish Line!

Congratulations to our February TEFL students for completing their TEFL course! Our TEFL students have worked long and hard these past four weeks, learning from our TEFL teacher Mali as well as  getting real world practice giving English classes to Argentine students. The hard work paid off! Our February TEFL class is now certified in both TEFL & TESOL! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN :)   Sign… read more

Roadie of the Week: Andrew (Volunteering, Spanish classes)

This week we’re introducing Andrew, who has been volunteering and studying Spanish with Road2Argentina, before embarking on an adventure to Patagonia with our new Environmental and Sustainability Program. We’ll make sure to post an update on his return, but for now take a look at what he has to say about living in Buenos Aires!   [video src=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdhEV1G_L2M”… read more

Roadie of the Week: Marleen (homestay, spanish classes and volunteering)

It’s a pleasure to introduce Marleen, who spent five wonderful weeks with us in Buenos Aires both learning Spanish and volunteering with underprivileged children. Take a look at her video to learn more about the full Buenos Aires experience available with Road2Argentina.   [video src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqoMHtB1EYc&feature=youtu.be" autosize="false" autoplay="false"] &nbs… read more

REblog: Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Volunteering with Children)

Maddy, a recently departed Australian Roadie, posted this to her blog after spending 3 months with Road2Argentina as part of our volunteer program. We’re so glad that we were able to be a part of her and the “Argentine Nine’s” Buenos Aires experience! I sit here on my top bunk, looking down at the chaos below. The noises, the sights… the smells. It’s fascinating – and a little bit scary – how… read more

Roadie of the Week: Lisanne (Kindergarten Volunteer)

We are presenting today Lisanne, our fabulous Roadie from the Netherlands (not Holland!) who stayed 9 weeks in Buenos Aires, loving every minute of it.   [video src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyub5yuDMtk" autosize="false" autoplay="false"]     Describe a day at your internship or volunteer placement: I worked in a kindergarden and I loved it. When I came in to work t… read more

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